Polymorphic Owners and field references

{!sobj_LoopedAccount.Owner.Email} is the right format but it returns null
37 PM
when I put it on a screen it works fine
2:37 PM
but in my scheduled flow it doesnt
2:38 PM
ah nm I figured it out lol {!sobj_LoopedAccount.Owner.Email} is right.
2:38 PM
{!sobj_LoopedAccount.Owner:User.Email} is what you want with polymorphic owners, like Cases
Non-Pasta version - if you reference a polymorphic field in a scheduled flow, you MUST specifiy the type of relationship you are trying to follow - assuming that only one type of relationship will exist due to a pre-existing query will not work.
Even more succint: when following a polymorphic relationship, you should always specify which relationship type you are following.

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