Summer 17 Release Cliff Notes - The Ancestor to the ARN

Windyo — 05/08/2017 1:33 PM
Man i am liking the summer 17 release notes
Windyo — 05/08/2017 2:18 PM
I just did a small cliff notes post so here you go gents
Salesforce just put a full-fledged readiness check, workaround-proposing migration Wizard
Lightning Console now has a Split view (multiple full records on one page) and supports multibrowser.
personAccounts and Omnichannel (beta) supported in LEX console.
You can now use your Classic Text, Custom HTML, and Letterhead email templates in Lightning Experience. What they don't tell you is the SHITLOAD OF RESTRICTIONS : overwrites signatures, can't edit attachments, and the Email editors need the TemplateId field added via the Lightning App Builder.
Lightning Knowledge is now in GE, but is not a complete product, so unless you have a single-language simple Knowledge, avoid it at all costs

duplicate management is now more awesome with cross-object results and default ules that handle leads-to-accounts detection for example

Search is now more awesome, with the possible addition of external sources of results, including but not limited to Confluence and Google Drive

Lightning Sync for Google: Two-Way Sync, General Availability. Google in your Salesforce, Google in your Salefsorce - Third party integrations which do not offer added value will become redundant soon. Sell your stock options while they last
Salesforce For Outlook is going to be deprecated in future releases. SF advise migration to  Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync

Social Customer Service now available in PE

A new community is out, Partner 360, which is awesome and focuesses on partners.
you can use Adobe Experience Manager (a CMS) to change how your community looks. Probably more compatible CMS to come in future releases.
you can now embed the Salesforce COmmunity login page in a website. not sure how they're securing that, but hey, it's cool.
Koa and Kokua are dead.
Case Community pages are being nerfed HARD.

you can now convert Attachments to files.
Attachments confirmed to be Deprecated, will be phased out.

Flows can now be embedded in Lightning pages - will need to test if we can exploit this for awesomess.
Spicy Waffle Berserker — 05/08/2017 4:21 PM
Said it before, but LEX runs way faster in my gs0 org
as that other person said - can't remember who
there's some interesting dev stuff too, but I haven't looked at it in detail yet
biggest thing for me is probably native metadata retrieval and deployment
vips — 05/08/2017 4:30 PM
anything interesting on the apex sidE?
Windyo — 05/08/2017 5:02 PM
Can't say, not a dev so what I find cool could be useless and vice versa.
vips — 05/08/2017 5:03 PM
yeah, they added some stuff, but nothing special, and nothing that really advanced the lang
vips — 05/08/2017 5:13 PM
I wish they would just implement generics.

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