Server-wide rules

These apply to everyone, everywhere

Channels & General Etiquette

#general can be used for anything including banter and support requests. Anything in the Automated category is automated. Posting in there can be done, but most have it muted. So you probably won't get an answer. #random is where memeing takes place

#nsfw-rant is not really nsfw but will contain strong language. If you can't see #nsfw-rant this is because you just joined. If your account stays active for more than three months, you will get access to it automatically.

`#general` and `#nsfw-rant` tend to have huge spikes in activity. If you have a question that requires a bit more conversation, you should head over to the `Specialities` channels. .

#job-offers is where you want to speak about job offers. If you're a recruiter, you should head there. While honest mistakes are fine, spamming normal discussion channels with job offers will not be tolerated.

We generally don't moderate the server too heavily, but we do have a couple of rules:


You can have multiple roles.
Normal Roles
Normal roles cannot be tagged, but are displayed in the sidebar. Use this if you want to display what your current job description is. To get a Normal role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:
?rank Admin
?rank Architect
?rank Business Analyst
?rank Consultant
?rank Commercecloud
?rank CPQ
?rank Dev
?rank Einstein Analytics
?rank Marketing Cloud
?rank Non Profit
?rank Pardot
?rank Recruiters
?rank Security
?rank Trainer
Tag-able Roles
These are not displayed in the sidebar but can be tagged (@) by anyone. They are named to loosely ressemble the SFDC CLI, and make autocomplete easier. Requesting one of these roles means you can and will be tagged by people who have questions regarding these topics. To get a tag-able role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:
?rank force:learn:dev
?rank force:learn:dev:api
?rank force:learn:dev:lightning
?rank force:learn:admin
?rank force:learn:admin:servicecloud
?rank force:learn:admin:salescloud
?rank force:learn:admin:communities
?rank force:learn:admin:commerce
?rank force:learn:admin:automation
?rank mc:learn:admin
?rank mc:learn:ampscript
?rank cpq:learn:admin
?rank cpq:learn:dev
?rank cpq:trainer
?rank force:trainer
?rank mc:trainer
Official Roles
If you're an ISV or a Vendor or Salesforce Internal, you can ask for one of these.
ALL Vendor roles start with vendor: to look like the taggable roles. To have a Vendor role you must:
  • be in the server for a month;
  • be active enough to know who you are that a mod remembers you
Official roles ALWAYS require verification either through an email to or through an already verified member. Special roles include but are not limited to Salesforce Internal for example. These require verification. You can also request to be a Power User or a Moderator at any time. Approval is dependent on the current role holders' consensus.

Job Postings & Requests

If you are submitting a #job-offers please use the following template for easier parsing:
    [Status]        Open
    [Duration]      X months
    [Location]      Remote
    [Compensation]  1B€
    [Description]   Know Salesforce. Advise the VP on how to Salesforce Effectively. Study Recursion to Saleforce while you Salesforce. Do that recursively to Salesforce Salesforce Salesforce.
Use ```ini yourtext ``` for the highlighting if you want the same look as above.
If you're looking for a job you may want to use this format instead. Please note that using one or the other is mandatory to have your post on #job-offers maintained - otherwise it will be deleted.
    [Status]        Looking
    [Type]          Client-Side Work
    [Location]      New York
    [Compensation]  1B€
    [Description]   I'm Marc Benioff and I want to work at an end-client. References available, please PM me.


You may use Dyno to listen to music. Simply join a voice channel and use #jukebox-requests to request a playlist. Useful commands:

Tatsumaki is our main moderation/meme bot. Things you can do with her:

There's a lot of other functions so using !helpis recommended. Note that trying to activate the NSFW commands of the bot is one of the very rare things that will get you instabanned.

Partner Servers

We don't have any partner servers for the moment. We did, but they became inactive, so we removed them.