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Basic rules for Vendors

The basic rules for the server apply to everyone. If you have not done so, please read #basic-info.
We are considering you to be familiar with these rules as you have read them enough to see how to become a vendor ;)

In addition, there are two extra rules for vendors:

  • don't shill.

You may still speak about your product in any channel, and participate in the community outside of vendor-specific channels. This is a community Discord and we would hate for you to go silent just because of the added responsibility of having a role.
However, if you are pushing your product, please disclose that you are affiliated with it. Please also refrain from bashing on other products.
Finally, Mod discretion applies regarding what constitute shilling or not. You can appeal in #meta, but as the moderation here is rather lax by default, an overturn is shakes magic 8-ball outcome is bleak.

  • don't @ everyone more than once a month, or for anything non-critical.

This is because of one of the perks - read below.