Channels & General Etiquette

#general can be used for anything including banter and support requests. Anything in the Automated category is automated. Posting in there can be done, but most have it muted. So you probably won't get an answer. #random is where memeing takes place

#nsfw-rant is not really nsfw but will contain strong language. If you can't see #nsfw-rant this is because you just joined. If your account stays active for more than three months, you will get access to it automatically.

`#general` and `#nsfw-rant` tend to have huge spikes in activity. If you have a question that requires a bit more conversation, you should head over to the `Specialities` channels. .

#job-offers is where you want to speak about job offers. If you're a recruiter, you should head there. While honest mistakes are fine, spamming normal discussion channels with job offers will not be tolerated.

We generally don't moderate the server too heavily, but we do have a couple of rules:

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