You can have multiple roles.
Normal Roles
Normal roles cannot be tagged, but are displayed in the sidebar. Use this if you want to display what your current job description is. To get a Normal role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:
+getrole Admin
+getrole Architect
+getrole Business Analyst +getrole Consultant
+getrole Commercecloud
+getrole CPQ
+getrole Dev
+getrole Einstein Analytics
+getrole Marketing Cloud
+getrole Non Profit
+getrole Pardot +getrole Recruiters
+getrole Security

+getrole Trainer
Tag-able Roles
These are not displayed in the sidebar but can be tagged (@) by anyone. They are named to loosely ressemble the SFDC CLI, and make autocomplete easier. Requesting one of these roles means you can and will be tagged by people who have questions regarding these topics. To get a tag-able role, please use one of the following in the #rolerequest channel:
+getrole force:learn:dev
+getrole force:learn:dev:api
+getrole force:learn:dev:lightning
+getrole force:learn:admin
+getrole force:learn:admin:servicecloud
+getrole force:learn:admin:salescloud
+getrole force:learn:admin:communities
+getrole force:learn:admin:commerce
+getrole force:learn:admin:automation +getrole mc:learn:admin +getrole mc:learn:ampscript +getrole cpq:learn:admin +getrole cpq:learn:dev
+getrole cpq:trainer
+getrole force:trainer
+getrole mc:trainer
Official Roles
If you're an ISV or a Vendor or Salesforce Internal, you can ask for one of these.
ALL Vendor roles start with vendor: to look like the taggable roles. To have a Vendor role you must:
  • be in the server for a month;
  • be active enough to know who you are that a mod remembers you
Official roles ALWAYS require verification either through an email to [email protected] or through an already verified member. Special roles include but are not limited to Salesforce Internal for example. These require verification. You can also request to be a Power User or a Moderator at any time. Approval is dependent on the current role holders' consensus.