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Vendor Perks

  • You get to read #vendors-basic-info
  • You get a fancy role - we can change the role color to match your branding as long as you give us a hex code. Note that dark colors are nigh-unreadable on Discord though.
  • You get access to #vendors - your privileged contact point with the mod team. ALL vendors have access here, so you may still want to use PMs for discrete or super secret alpha stuff, but for most questions about the server, about what you can post, or even to talk together, this is your place.
  • You get access to #vendor-announcements. This channel is one where the entire server has access. You can post there without asking us as long as you keep it spam-free - we encourage a two-week waiting timeduring posts, and SlowMode is enabled to prevent posting more tahn every 6 hours. You also have @ everyone permission in there - more information below.

A bit more details regarding #vendor-announcements: you can tag everyone, this does not mean you should. The section is rather high on the server, so most people will see it light up even if you don't tag people. The @ everyone tag is there for time- and mission-critical announcements - security breaches, critical situations, etc. Any abuse, even a single instance, will result in the account being banned. No kick, no mute.