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Best Practices

Naming and architectural conventions that are considered best practice

Common Flow Problems

A binder or common flow problems and how to work around them

Cool Links & Stuff

Links to trailhead, blogs, resources... anything we find useful

CPQ Knowledge from SFCPQ Victor

A collection of random tips, knowledge, and information procured by Victor - a senior Tier 3 support representative for Salesfo...

Great Moments in SFXD History

Things we want to keep for later

Managing a Salesforce Project

General advice about Salesforce-related PM

Managing your team

Some stuff about team management

Other Meta SFXD Stuff

Salesforce Quirks

Stuff that is working as designed, but the design is meh

Salesforce Releases

We needed a Book, so here's a Boo.

SFDC Tools

Links to resources for Admins and Developers

SFXD Presentations & Trainings

Trainings and presentations, made for SFXD by SFXD

Shills and scammers

Known shills and scammers

Tech tools

Links to other tools that may be useful when dealing with Salesforce

The Admin's Training Resources

Links and information for admins.

Useful Queries

A book of queries for things that you want to know in SFDC.