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SFXD Internal

Information about SFXD itself

Partner Servers

SFXD Rules Server-wide rules

We don't have any partner servers for the moment. We did, but they became inactive, so we removed...

Reports and Dashboards

The Admin's Training Resources

Some tips for reporting and dashboards. May contain videos, guides, help pages, etc.


The Admin's Training Resources

Everything related to Process Builder, Flows, Workflows, Approvals, etc.

Process Builder Conventions

Best Practices

Naming and structural conventions related to Process Builder


CPQ Knowledge from SFCPQ Victor

Information regarding implementing Salesforce CPQ.

CPQ Information

CPQ Knowledge from SFCPQ Victor

General information related to Salesforce CPQ.


CPQ Knowledge from SFCPQ Victor

Troubleshooting tips and resources.

Big Objects

Best Practices

Big objects are Salesforce's take on NoSQL (although it works just like common SQL). It allows la...

Mass Update Access to Objects And Fields For Profiles And Permission Sets

Best Practices

If you need to update Object-level permissions (CRED) or Field level Permissions (FLS) for a larg...

Channels & General Etiquette

SFXD Rules Server-wide rules

#general can be used for anything including banter and support requests. Anything in the Automate...


SFXD Rules Server-wide rules

You can have multiple roles. Normal Roles Normal roles cannot be tagged, but ...

Job Postings & Requests

SFXD Rules Server-wide rules

If you are submitting a #job-offers please use the following template for easier parsing: ...


SFXD Rules Server-wide rules

You may use Dyno to listen to music. Simply join a voice channel and use #jukebox-requests to req...

Basic rules for Vendors

SFXD Rules Vendors

The basic rules for the server apply to everyone. If you have not done so, please read #basic-inf...

Validation Rule Conventions

Best Practices

Conventions about validation rules, naming, creation, etc

Vendor Perks

SFXD Rules Vendors

You get to read #vendors-basic-info You get a fancy role - we can change the role color to matc...

General Conventions

Best Practices Field Conventions

All Naming Conventions Are RFC 2119 and RFC 6919 compliant. All field API names MUST be written...

Grouping fields

Best Practices Field Conventions

If the organization is home to multiple services, the field API name SHOULD be prepended with th...

Workflow Triggers

Best Practices Workflow Conventions

A workflow trigger MUST always be named after what Triggers the workflow, and not the actions. In...

Workflow Field Updates

Best Practices Workflow Conventions

A Workflow Field Update MUST Start with FU, followed by a number corresponding to the number of ...

Workflow Email Alerts

Best Practices Workflow Conventions

A Workflow Email Alert MUST Start with EA, followed by a number corresponding to the number of...

Workflow Tasks

Best Practices Workflow Conventions

A Workflow Task Unique Name MUST Start with TSK, followed by a number corresponding to the num...

Workflow Outbound Messages

Best Practices Workflow Conventions

An Outbound Message Name MUST Start with OM, followed by a number corresponding to the number ...

Validation Rule Metadata Conventions

Best Practices Validation Rule Conventions

The Validation Rule Name MUST try to explain in a concise manner what the validation rule preven...

Validation rules writing conventions

Best Practices Validation Rule Conventions

All Validation Rules MUST contain a Bypass Rule check. Wherever possible, a Consultant SHOULD...


Best Practices

We reference "bypasses" in a number of these conventions. Bypasses are administrator-defined che...

Salesforce Architecture resources

Cool Links & Stuff

Official Salesforce Docs The architecture Resources page Probably my favourite page in the Sale...

1 - Data Migrations Checklist

Best Practices Data Migration Best Practices

The following is a semi-profanity-ridden attempt at explaining one way to do data migrations whil...

Data Migration Best Practices

Best Practices

An attempt to help you not delete your production database

Workflow Conventions

Best Practices

Naming and structural conventions related to workflows

Salesforce Core

Stuff related to Salesforce Core, excluding other clouds

The Admin's Training Resources

Links and information for admins.

Marketing Cloud

Project Management

Stuff about project management.

Abridged Release Notes

Our most well-known piece of content

Salesforce CPQ


A section about how to develop oneself or manage people.

SFXD Rules

Basic information about how to behave in the community

Best Practices

Naming and architectural conventions that are considered best practice


Stuff about how to pass certifications, etc

Cool Links & Stuff

Links to trailhead, blogs, resources... anything we find useful

MC Cool Links & Stuff

Links and extra stuff we like about marketing cloud

Salesforce Quirks

Stuff that is working as designed, but the design is meh

Managing a Salesforce Project

General advice about Salesforce-related PM

Great Moments in SFXD History

Things we want to keep for later

Field Conventions

Best Practices

General conventions about field creation, grouping, naming, etc.

Tech tools

Links to other tools that may be useful when dealing with Salesforce

Managing your team

Some stuff about team management

Other Meta SFXD Stuff

Salesforce Releases

We needed a Book, so here's a Boo.

CPQ Knowledge from SFCPQ Victor

A collection of random tips, knowledge, and information procured by Victor - a senior Tier 3 supp...

User Profiles

For people who want to list what others can contact them about

SFDC Tools

Links to resources for Admins and Developers


SFXD Member Career Stories

Tsalb's Presentations

A few presentation Tsalb wrote/gives. These are public and for redistribution.

SFXD Presentations & Trainings

Trainings and presentations, made for SFXD by SFXD

Server-wide rules

SFXD Rules

These apply to everyone, everywhere


SFXD Rules

Special rules if you represent an Appexchange, an ISV, Saleforce, etc

Trailheads we like

Cool Links & Stuff

Basic Trailheads Consultant: