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Salesforce 2 Salesforce (is horrible)

To summarize real quick:

Salesforce to Salesforce, or SF2SF, SF 2 SF, or whatever you want to call it, is a pile of flaming garbage that should have been nuked ages ago.


  • uses a shit ton of API requests because it syncs one record at a time
  • can't be automated without a trigger ; this means for each record you're supposed to click "share" manually
  • even if you do add a trigger it still sucks because you can only decide "in general" which fields to sync, not per case
  • there's no conflict resolution. Data is different in target org ? better have a backup because that shit goan get overwritten
  • there's no guaranteed timeline. It can be instant or take up to 24 fucking hours. yeap. It's normally instant but your max lead time is 24. fucking. hours.
  • did I mention there's no conflict resolution and it will overwrite stuff without warning ?

oh and if you do bidirectional sync you're pretty much asking for hell on earth because well if someone overwrites anything it'll get propagated to all orgs with no double check

The worst is that it seems to be some kind of queue so older messages might not be delivered but some newer might and you have no idea why.

I think the only use case that it’s barely usable in is for Case Comments and even there I have seen timeline fuckups ( older case comment coming in after a newer one which looks weird ).