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Workflow Field Updates

Workflow Rules (along with Process Builders) are now on a deprecation / End-of-Life plan. Existing Workflow Rules will continue to operate for the foreseeable future, but in the near future (Winter 23) Salesforce will begin to prevent creating new Workflow Rules. Establish a plan to migrate to Flows, and create any new automation using Flow Builder.

  1. A Workflow Field Update MUST Start with FU, followed by a number corresponding to the number of field updates on the triggering Object.
  2. A Workflow Field Update SHOULD contain the Object name, or an abbreviation thereof, in the Field Update Name.1
  3. A Workflow Field Update MUST be named after the field that it updates, and then the values it sets, in the most concise manner possible.
  4. The Description of a Workflow Field Update SHOULD give precise information on what the field is set to.


Object FU Name Description
Contact FU01_SetEmailOptOut Sets the Email Opt Out checkbox to TRUE.
Invoice FU02_SetFinalBillingStreet Calculates the billing street based on if the client is billed alone, via an Agency, or via a mother company. Part of three updates that handle this address.
Contact FU03_CalculateFinalAmount Uses current Tax settings and information to set the final amount


1 While Field Updates are segregated by Object when viewed through an IDE or through code, the UI offers no such ease of use. If this is not done, a consultant WOULD PROBABLY create list views for field updates per Object.