Workflow Email Alerts

  1. A Workflow Email Alert MUST Start with EA, followed by a number corresponding to the number of email alerts on the triggering Object.

  2. A Workflow Email Alert SHOULD contain the Object name, or an abbreviation thereof, in the Field Update Name.

  3. A Workflow Email Alert's Unique Name and Description SHOULD contain the exact same information, except where a longer description is absolutely necessary.1

  4. A Workflow Email Alert SHOULD be named after the type of email it sends, or the reason the email is sent.

    Note that declaratively, the Name of the template used to send the email is always shown by default in Email Alert lists.


Object EA Name Description
Invoice EA01_Inv_SendFirstPaymentReminder EA01_Inv_SendFirstPaymentReminder.
Invoice EA02_Inv_SendSecondPaymentReminder SendSecondPaymentReminder
Contact EA03_Con_SendBirthdayEmail EA03_Con_SendBirthdayEmail

1 Email Alert's Unique Names are generated from the Description by default in Salesforce. As Email Alerts can only send emails, this convention describes a less exhaustive solution than could be, at the profit of speed while creating Email Alerts declaratively.