Workflow Outbound Messages

  1. An Outbound Message Name MUST Start with OM, followed by a number corresponding to the number of outbound messages on the triggering Object.

  2. An Outbound Message Name COULD contain the Object name, or an abbreviation thereof, in the Field Update Name. This is to avoid different conventions for Workflow Actions in general.

  3. An Outbound Message MUST be named after the Service that it send information to, and then information it sends in the most concise manner possible.

  4. The Description of An Outbound Message SHOULD give precise information on why the Outbound Message is created.

  5. Listing the fields sent by the Outbound Message is NOT RECOMMENDED.


Object EA Name Description
Invoice OM01_Inv_SendBasicInfo Send the invoice header to the client software.
Invoice OM02_Inv_SendStatusPaid Sends a flag that the invoice was paid to the client software.
Contact OM01_SendContactInfo Sends most contact information to the internal Directory.