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Documentation List

The following Documents should be part of most, if not every, project:

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Solution Design
  • Integrations Specifications,
  • Development Specifications,
  • Data Dictionary,
  • User Stories spreadsheet,
  • Change Request Template,
  • Bug-Tracking sheet.

Signing Off

Signing off documentation before any work is done is key to align expectations. Make sure that the person empowered to sign-off is aware of their responsibility!

A list of the different client signoffs is available here:

  • at the Project Kickoff:
    • Solution Design,
    • Integrations Specifications,
    • Development Specifications.
  • During each PM Meeting:
    • Current status
    • Next Steps
    • Risks & Mitigations
    • Alerts/Other Information
  • at the beginning of each Sprint:
    • Sprint Content,
    • User Acceptance Stories,
    • Sprint Timeline.
  • at the end of each Sprint:
    • Sprint Outcome,
    • Delta with initial Plan if any,
    • UAT Results
  • before Deployments: Please see related wiki article "deployments"
    • Deployment Scope,
    • Deployment Timeline,
    • Risks & Mitigations.
  • after Deployments:
    • UAT Outcomes in Production,
    • Validation of GoLive,
    • Which means will be used for Bugtracking

If a “formal” signature is not possible for every step, make sure to have it at least in written form (Email).