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Project Reviews

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A Project Review is a process in which you will try to uncover how your project went from start to finish. It is not:

  • A focus on elements that did not work,
  • A quest to establish blame,
  • A simple meeting,
  • A highlight of what happened during the project.

The Project Review meeting itself, while necessary, is only part of the entire process.

The result should be clear indications that improve processes and general project outcome for the future.

The main output is an answer to the question “What is going to change in future iterations, and how?”

  • What went specifically well, that we can reuse?
  • What went normally, but could be improved thanks to what we learned?
  • Which actions can we take to avoid the mistakes that did happen?

A Project Review that does not impact future projects is a waste of everyone’s time. Your study should highlight both success and failings that we can use on future projects.

Documents are attached to this article to organize your Project Review.