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Administrator - ADM201


Topic Weighting Topic Weighting
Organization setup 2% User setup 7%
Security and access 14% Standard and custom objects 15%
Sales and marketing applications 15% Service and support applications 12%
Activity management and collaboration 3% Data management 8%
Analytics 10% Workflow/process automation 12%
Desktop and mobile administration 1% AppExchange 1%


Please for the love of god don't cram flashcards and all, or at least don't do just that.

You're a Sales. You've spoken to businesses before. Go to Get a Dev org. Ask yourself what config would have been useful in your last job, then configure that way. Then ask yourself what reports would be good to track performance, and forecasting. Try setting it up so a team can work together and get metrics on the team level.

The flashcard-admin crowd is always clamoring to be heard that they can do anything but at the end of the day we companies get to pay consultants to fix the salesforce setup in the end.