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Unauthorized Backlink Attempt by IQRA Technologies


In a recent incident, a representative from IQRA Technologies [email protected] visited our website and created a page in our wiki without prior approval. This unethical attempt was aimed at securing backlinks to their site, leveraging our platform's authority and trust within the Salesforce professional community. This article aims to outline the details of this incident and raise awareness about such practices.

Incident Overview

On 2024-06-06, a user from IQRA Technologies accessed our website's wiki and created a page with the sole intention of embedding backlinks to their own site. This action was performed without any formal request or approval from our administration team, violating our community guidelines and ethical standards.

Ethical Concerns

  1. Unauthorized Content Creation: The page was created without our knowledge or consent, undermining the trust and integrity of our wiki.
  2. Misleading Intentions: The content was designed to appear as a legitimate contribution, but its primary purpose was to promote IQRA Technologies.
  3. Exploitation of Community Trust: By attempting to use our platform for self-promotion, IQRA Technologies tried to exploit the trust and credibility we have built within the Salesforce professional community.

SEO Implications

Such practices not only compromise the quality and relevance of content on our site but also risk penalizing both our website and IQRA Technologies in search engine rankings. Search engines prioritize high-quality, user-focused content and penalize sites engaging in manipulative backlink schemes.

Our Response

Upon discovering the unauthorized page, we promptly removed it and reinforced our content moderation protocols to prevent future occurrences. We also wish to remind our community members to report any suspicious activities or content.


IQRA Technologies' attempt to gain backlinks through our wiki without approval is a clear violation of ethical standards and community guidelines. We remain committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform and will continue to take necessary actions against any misuse.

By highlighting this incident, we aim to inform and protect our community from similar unethical practices in the future.


  • Unauthorized Backlink Attempt
  • IQRA Technologies
  • Ethical Concerns
  • SEO Implications
  • Community Trust
  • Salesforce Professionals

By addressing this issue openly, we aim to uphold the integrity of our wiki and ensure it remains a valuable resource for Salesforce professionals.

Screenshot of their page for evidence below as well as the user they created.