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[COVID] - SFXD Community Initiatives

Hey @everyone,

what with the coronavirus situation, there's a lot of people working remotely that aren't used to it, which can be a bit isolating.
We'd like to do our part in helping the Salesforce community through this, and we thought we'd try to be even more awesome than usual.

(If you're not a member of SFXD and are reading this somewhere else than Discord you can join us via :) )

Current plan:

    • we've opened the #quarantine-coffee-room, a voice channel to come and chill.
      Us mods will try to be present at least an hour or so a day in it. You can come in and chat about your day, or ask about Salesforce, or anything really - consider it your coffee break.
    • once a week, we will host SFXD office hours in the #office-hours voice channel.
      When office hours are in session, one or more Mods will be present in that channel, and the channel will be moved to the `General` category for visibility.
      Office hours are a time where we'll be available exclusively to answer Salesforce questions - format is somewhat free at the moment, but please jump in if you have questions.
      We will announce Office hours 24h ahead of time so people can prepare an agenda. Please post your questions in #office-hours in the `Meta` category so we can find them easily: "What can I do to optimize queries in large data volume environments ?"
    • I will try to host some consulting content once a week in #quarantine-coffee-room, starting next week. Things that I'm currently working on:
      • a workshop case study, with a real client that'll join the channel - perfect for people who want to see how those are done;
      • an SFXD-ready version of my company-famous Salesforce Consulting 101 presentation;
      • a "what now" bootcamp for the post-corona strategies for clients and end-users.
    • If anyone wants to host Admin, Developer or Consultant sessions or other such content using the Discord server as a host please approach us and we'll make it happen

Stay safe <3
Your SFXD Mod Team