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Dear SFXD Members that are @here,

it is our greatest pride, our glory, hell the apotheosis of glee, to inform you all:

For those who are new joiners, SFXD's first post was one of my now-ex colleagues responding "OK" in chat because she didn't know the platform - she then promptly lost her Discord account and never rejoined (imagine missing out on the Walter memes).
Up until something like January 2017 we were... Maybe 100 accounts, most of which were temporary joiners (the source of our automatic pruning of inactive accounts), with maybe 10 recurring posters.

We now have:
- a website
- a wiki
- a Linkedin page where people actually put themselves as Community Member in their job description, much to our pride:
- the most upvoted Reddit posts of /r/Salesforce with the Abridged Release Notes
- ~1750 members that survive pruning on a regular basis - meaning people that are either active, or have requested a role and stayed.

All meme'ing aside we are really, really proud that SFXD has thrived so much - and we owe it to all of you.
So to celebrate, we are changing nothing.
No changes to our commitment to this community.
No changes to our no-ads policy on websites.
No changes to our no-money and no-donations policies.

We won't change anything because SFXD is all of you, and we want to keep growing with you all.
SFXD, still a community-first Salesforce Discussion Group. Come for the Salesforce, stay for the memes ;)

With love and a million "thank you"s,
@Moderators @Specialty Mod - Dev @Specialty Mod - General