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You may use Dyno to listen to music. Simply join a voice channel and use #jukebox-requests to req...


You can have multiple roles. Normal Roles Normal roles cannot be tagged, but ...

Spring '20 Release Notes - Abridged Edition

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE SPRING 20 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDBug Fixes &...

The Salesforce Lightning Object Creator (is broken to hell)

Lightning Object Creator is completely broken and currently just can't be used. https://object-c...

#0 - Template

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE When you finish, send it to SuperGrape on Discord.

#1 - SuperGrape

For a little more clarity on the timeline I’m providing a table to show the job hops. Job De...

SFXD User Survey 2020

A lot has happened since the last time we had a survey. We had the largest outage Salesforce has ...

Auditing a Salesforce Org

Functional Audit One workshop mid-audit to discuss their processOne workshop after the audit to ...

How to check off records on a list view and pass them all to a Flow (button)

Submit multiple records to a flow: Within the flow, 'G...

Find records MUCH faster with these tricks!

Here are some neat tricks to help you [impress your coworkers and] navigate to records much faste...

How to check if user is in Classic or LEX in a formula field!

=IF($User.UIThemeDisplayed = "Theme4d","LEX","Classic") (Thanks @Eloquinn)

Integration Questions list

- Which direction is the sync going from ? - SF > other system ?  - is that system accessible ...

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