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Winter '20 Abridged

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:
Can we speak about the fact that “winter” releases come out when it’s still 35°C like seriously the logo has palm trees

Welcome to the hospice

Awesome stuff

Awesome stuff if it was still 2014

Flows and PBs

If these guys continue delivering at this rate I’m going to have to do two release notes, one for that team, and one for all the others…

Put some varnish on it - old things that just got better in no particular order



Einstein Analytics

  • A ton of new templates, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Health.
  • Tables are finally catching up to Excel, kind of… Ability to show Sub AND Grand Totals in a table without hacking things together in SAQL.
  • Number formatting in the GUI so you don’t have to futz with XMD anymore (yay almost Excel)! Still upset they took down though.
  • They said Wave 1.0 (Classic Designer) was retired in the last release. I guess you have another shot at watching the conversion tool fail.
  • Introducing 15, 20, and 30 minute Dataflow Syncing and increasing the number of daily Dataflow runs to 120 instead of 60.
  • Changing the name of a Step to a Query. Totally worth the time. Who wants to bet they didn’t change them in the dashboard JSON though?
  • Automatic Dashboard, Dataflow, and Lens snapshots just in case you screw something up. Too bad they dropped the ball and make you access them through the REST API instead of any number of easier ways. I’m assuming we’ll see a GUI for this in spring.
  • Users can finally get emails of Dashboards/Widgets by subscribing to them! Now your executives can have information delivered directly to them rather than asking you to pull it for them. They’re going to make you do it anyway but hey Salesforce made an attempt.
  • Analytics in the mobile App! There are two pages about this in the release notes but no screenshots. There is however a broken link to sign up for a beta version of the app! Non-broken link here.


  • “Where is this used” now GA


Things are just horrible

This abridged version was graciously written up by the SF Discord
We have a wiki as well now: