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Summer '20 Abridged

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:
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  • Flow Interviews now also available for reporting
  • PriceBookEntries now targetable when creating Custom Report Types
  • This was already the case for Formatted Data, but now CSV can now also be attached to subscriptions




This abridged version was graciously written up by the SF Discord

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I put this outside of the ARN themselves because, well, it’s not a release note.

Re: After/Before/Events Triggered Flows:

  • HUGE SPECULLATION as alway - I’m calling Process Builder deprecated by 1y and fully retired by 2y. To the angry people that flamed me when I called Aura deprecated: BOOYAH.
  • Using PB is still required due to current Flow limitations, and I expect that there will be a tool to migrate one to the other seeing as technically they’re both the exact same tool in the backend - so don’t panic about your Process Builders just yet.
  • These changes add yet another automation source to Objects. That new automation source probably won’t play super well with others, as the Before Save flows highlighted with APEX.
  • The new Flow execution contexts don’t support everything that is in PB or even normal Flows yet (no Subflows, no ISCHANGED()).
  • In Summary while these are very exciting times and highlight a bright future of Low-Code possibilities, we currently advise NOT to use these new flows outside of Prototyping or Sandboxes.

Re: User-Permission Bypassing Flows:

  • While SF seems to push Flows as Admin-friendly, the reality is that as time goes on, Flows are becoming more of Procedural programming with a GUI than anything else.
  • The above effectively puts the skill floor higher for any new admins - think 7 years ago when all you had was page layouts and workflows. Things are a bit more complex now.
  • User-Permission Bypassing means you can effectively do VERY BAD THINGS, and to be honest I would rather they hide this option behind a few layers of prompts asking if you know WTF you’re doing. As-is I can totally see compliance issues in the medium-term. I encourage any Auditors or Consulting partners to add checking for this permission in any audit checklist and ensure that it’s needed.
  • For all SF Admins reading this, SFXD already told you this last release, but really: Train yourself on Flows, Fast. You’re going to need it.

Re: Dynamic Forms:

  • Dynamic Forms will extend quite a lot what can be done in Lightning Page Layouts. It pretty much replaces Layouts in general.
  • The current status is Preview, meaning SF don’t want to support it just yet. If you’re using it in Production, this is bad. Don’t do it. Wait a few releases more.
  • I am still unsure what this means for Page Layouts/Record Types in the future. Probably will be decorrelated and based on conditional display (which doesn’t work well ATM)
  • As-Is this is a very strong Do Not Use.
  • It seems that more and more things are getting Builders in the backend which allow more powerful stuff in the hands of admins (Flows, Bots, Paths). While this does sound like great news, it’ll raise the skill floor to be a competent Salesforce Manager in the next years

Re: Lightning Message Service (LMS) and continued support of legacy code:

  • With LMS there is now one ring to rule them all. In its most ideal usage, this now serves as the primary inter-component communication mechanism between LWCs that are in separate component trees.
  • But, until your org(s) reach the state where you can invest 100% in LWCs only (because you are moving to that future, right?) this is now a quick win for bringing your VF and Aura solutions to play nicely with your shiny new LWCs.
  • Now that they have finally settled on conventions (LMS using various channels), I fully expect this to be the backbone for some cool event driven application hooks in the future.