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Spring '22 Abridged

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:
Written by people who think having a proper RSS feed on official release documentation shouldn’t be this hard. (@SFXD_BOT)


  • Mandatory MFA is still coming and now has a Question-based readiness check. The last two releases we highlighted that it wasn’t exactly the best thought-out rollout. Salesforce seems to agree as they are "enforcing" the "mandatory" part this month legally, but aren’t actually activating it forcefully until EoY, and it’ll be deactivatable until… 2023. They’re releasing ways to not use TOTP already anyway.
    Maybe that team and the Case Threading one can go have coffee and publish notes on how to do better rollouts. That would be an interesting feedback loop.
  • Minor critical Flow update: if you use Two-Column Layouts, migrate to Sections ASAP




  • External Services now support OpenAPI 3.0 and unsupported Data Types mapping- meaning you can now (try) to integrate directly with most things that are documented in Swagger. Cool, seeing as Guest Users can use those now.
  • You can open Subflows from Main Flows, which makes that function much better (but still missing an easy way of viewing all the ways a Subflow is called to make it really useful)
  • Collections can now be used as a choice option and can also be filtered, which isn’t exactly a map (I still want maps plz) but is still a VERY powerful improvement. Nice.
  • Flow Trigger Explorer, a better view of Record-Triggered Flows that Admins will love, as well as this minor update that allows viewing Flow information in browser tab names, and the ability to shortcut Flow elements. Screen Readers are also supported now
  • Orchestrator allow distribution of labor via queue assignation, and become even more code-like with custom Evaluation methods Flows that you can invoke call from Orchestrator and Debugging, Deployment. For Admins, you can now view Orchestrations and Work Items to ensure things are running smoothly (or cancel them if they don’t).
  • The bell tolls for Workflows which can now be converted to Flows (beta).
  • You can define Orders of execution for Flows. I am visibly alone in hating this change, but I still say that relying on specific orders of execution for Admin-built automation is a highway to useless complexity. If you’re at the point where you need actions to be sequential, they should be refactored into their own logic which forces the order. Fight me.
  • Speaking of Order of Execution, Flow API v54 changes the After-Save order, specifically related to Entitlements






This abridged version was graciously written up by the SF Discord

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