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Spring '18 Abridged

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:
Featuring Jokes, Sarcasm, and actual cool features



  • LEX Changes its URL format. Critical Update planned for next release. Update anything relying on URLs. (
  • Salesforce Surveys is now GA. If you're a consulting firm stop selling GetFeedback… Because SF Surveys REALLY looks like getfeedback.
  • STOP SELLING DEDUPLICATION SOFTWARE. SF now has a standard "Duplicate Jobs" which will run on your existing DB and merge duplicates. Available on business or person accounts, contacts, or leads.
  • OMNICHANNEL NOW SUPPORTS SKILL BASED ROUTING. Much wow, such flexibility! no really this is going to change a lot of things. No more idiotic queues per skill/language/whatever. Just nice features. (That were developped years ago by all their competitors.)
  • JWT Token Is Now Longer
  • Use without sharing for @AuraEnabled Apex Controllers with Implicit Sharing (Critical Update)
  • API Access for <lightning:container* Apps Is Revoked (Critical Update)
  • Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files (Critical Update)


  • Email Message, Folder, Return Order, Return Order Line Item, and Survey are searchable. The main one is EmailMessage. If it's shared across what they put on "Service", here are the indexed fields for emails: Bcc Address, Cc Address, From, Address, Subject, Text Body, To Address, All custom fields of type text, text area, long text area, rich text area, email, and phone.
  • Lightning Dialer gets a Call Monitoring feature in beta.
  • Integrations for both O365 and google got a few updates. Nothing major apart from creating records from unkown adresses.
  • Salesforce stole reddit terminology and is now using upvotes (
  • Quip can now be integrated for Files
  • It seems you can now use lightning components in Flow Screens ! That's going to look super nice. (
  • You can upload Files through a flow :D :D
  • Include Encrypted Fields in Skinny Tables (Generally Available). Good news for our big data buddies


  • … you can finally customize your own navigation in lightning. Let's take a moment to celebrate that LEX is no longer 15 years behind classic. woo :party:
  • you can also theme LEX now! They really all-out to feel like a mid-200's web-app.
  • Quick Text and Macros are now available in LEX for "most" objects. No documentation linked so we'll need to play with this ourselves.
  • They're REALLY pushing Einstein this release. there's a new Readiness Assessor in the setup you can check to see if your org is ready for Einstein, and loads of updates on einstein itself (
  • Paths now available for Accounts, Campaigns, Cases. Also not limited to "Status" and "Stage" anymore for standard objects.
  • Lightning report builder a bit better. Still does not handle: Joined reports, Row limit filters, Dashboard Settings menu
  • you can now wshow or hide components in record pages, the home page, etc.


  • Lightning Console Sucks less and closes the feature gap with classic a bit more : web tabs, CIT methods now available, and you can now detect the style of the console you're being displayed in as a VF.
  • flows can now be executed as tabs in a console and tied to a record ? Need to investigate, docs unclear.


  • There's a new linkedin integration relying on LinkedIn Lead Gen. Let's see if this one lasts more than two years…


  • You can now insert Knowledge Article contents in Emails. I know a few customers who will be happy…
  • Field Service now tracks returns.
  • Macros no longer look like you need to install GreaseMonkey and know powershell to execute them.
  • Same search update and path update as above. Cases get path, emails can be searched, woo, happiness.
  • Omnichannel supervisor now better and LEX compliant
  • You can now use WFs and Triggers on Agent Work and Service Presence. Finally some flexibility on when agents acept an item and what you can do thereafter!
  • Assignment rules now also route Social Customer Service Cases. Why that wasn't the case (get it?) before is beyond me.




  • Apart from the critical stuff, some new objects and API changes as usual. Really not much to skin a cat about.

This abridged version was graciously written up by the SF Discord