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Summer '18 Abridged

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:
Featuring Jokes, Sarcasm, and actual cool features


  • THEY ADDED A CASE/SWITCH STATEMENT TO APEX. All developers in the world cry in joy. Angels rain down from the sky.
  • If you have LEX enabled but are not using it, you might want to review your "Set Up Users" tab if you don't want your users to be switched to LEX automatically once a week. No I'm not kidding.
  • New URL format is live.
  • Shield Data at Rest encryption available for more stuff, including emails and FSL workorders and workorderlineitems.
  • Community: Update Your <h1> Tag Overrides to <h3> for Topic Detail and Search Results Article Title, and Update Your Overrides for Some Lightning Community Components
  • Flows: Enable Flow and Process Queries to Execute in Batches (Critical Update)
  • Retirements: Files Sync, Chatter Desktop,


  • You now see field dependencies on the record edit page.
  • Salesforce Essentials gets Process Builder and Flows
  • Paths support dependent picklists now =D
  • If you have Enterprise or Performance, you can run Duplicate Jobs on custom objects. Hopefull yOpportunities are coming soon(tm).
  • There's a Lightning Knowledge migration tool now. It's in Beta. If you're using the old knowledge, keep using that for now.
  • Einstein analytics gets connectors for SAP Hana and Windows Azure SQL Warehouse. Also max number of replicated objects upped from 50 to 100.
  • You can rename your SF domain :) That said, My Domain URLs change in Sandbox (Critical Update), you might want to check that out.


For once these deserve their own section


  • You can modify PersonAccount page layouts and stuff in LEX.
  • You can drag and drop calendar elements in LEX to update them now. How very 1999.
  • List view filters in LEX suck less
  • Lightning Report Builder now GA ooooooh yeah.
  • Joined reports in LEX (beta, needs admin setup)
  • New Run page (beta, needs admin setup)


  • For our Contacts to Multiple Accounts lovers, Lead conversion has been improved.. Also somewhat improves opportunity creation on conversion.
  • Schedules now available in LEX. No limitations apply, for once.


  • Salesforce now has automated answering for Live Agent. Called Einstein Bots, they are available through LEX setup only (but work server-side, so you can switch back to classic afterwards) and seem to require use of Snap-Ins chat instead of standard LA buttons. More info needed. Help page should be here after summer18 comes out.
  • You can Set Default Email Field Values with Apex in Lightning Experience. Their title is clear enough :)
  • Omnichannel Skill-based routing is GA. Still can't route chats or SOS with skills-based routing though.
  • Snap-in chats get new features, and seems to be the future of LiveAgent to some extent.


  • You can create HTML templates in LEX. These HTML templates can be edited by users. Life is sweet and documented.
  • You can send Emails to a Campaign from LEX via a button. Why you would do this rather than use an email cannon like Mailchimp or a real solution like Marketing Cloud is beyond me.


  • If you use FSL and Snap-in chat, your customers can now book an appointment with you. Nice.
  • you can now Update, add, delete, and track library members all from one place. This feature is available in Lightning communities, accessed through Lightning Experience. Also modifiable via Files home.


  • As said above, Case/Switch ! wooo.
  • COUNT() no longer a huge waste of resources
  • Apex usage limit increased
  • New ENUMS Auth.VerificationMethod and System.TriggerOperation
  • You can refresh a LEX tab through new JS api calls
  • Lightning Component Library Is Generally Available -
  • Apply Lightning Experience Stylesheets to Visualforce Pages (Generally Available)
  • $CustomMetadata Global Variable
  • Second Generation Packaging is coming


  • They added Topics for Objects to LEX. We're all very impressed, esp without support for reporting or list views.
  • You can use Sharing Sets with all community licenses now. Not like that was a blocking feature requested 3 years ago already.
  • They added Paths to two more objects. Code's so spaghetti this requires celebration.
  • A new GDPR help page for your marketing team to read.
  • Trigger Custom Application Logic When Users Log Out (Beta). Finally you can force all Oauth sessions to close. And delete all of Karen's data after she logs out. You know why, Karen.

Addendums due to changes before release:


  • You can Override the New Event Button on the Calendar in Lightning Experience. Only overrides with a Lightning component to customize the action. Action must contain ONLY standard fields. Only replaces the button, not the actual action, so other places where the action is shown uses the standard one.
  • Custom Buttons Used as Actions on Page Layouts Can No Longer Be Deleted Prevents corruption. Generally happens when you had a button, you put it in LEX, then you deleted the button and didn't realize that the page layout still referenced it.
  • Scanned PDF Previews in Files can now be set to display either as SVG (standard) or JPG.
  • For anyone who has the EinsteinBuilderFree license, Einstein Prediction Builder allows you to try your hand at AI without coding.

    You can test it by signing up here
  • RSSBot spoiled this one for Discord Users but Convert JavaScript Buttons to Lightning-Friendly Alternatives With the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter
  • All Groups and PE Orgs created after Summer 18 are LEX Only and will require SF support to activate Classic
  • Einstein Activity Capture free with Sales Cloud


    • - Permanently Delete Prospects has been activated for all orgs, instead of going to the recycle bin.

This abridged version was graciously written up by the SF Discord
We have a "website" now: it doesn't contain much more than a link to Discord but we're proud.