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@tsalb's "getting started with VSCODE" list

1) To get started on VSCode + SFDX CLI:

2) Look at the VSCode / Environment / SFDX CLI modules (Ignore anything about LWC and JS):

3) VSCode + ForceCode is also a possibility (you need to set up VSCode first, but you can ignore SFDX CLI / Salesforce Extensions)

4) This is a tool to help you construct a package.xml if you decide to go with SFDX CLI + Salesforce Extensions

  • I do not use this, I cannot vouch for the security.
  • COPY PASTE whatever the output of this is into your package.xml in your SFDX manifest project.

5) I found this vscode extension which can generate you a raw package.xml. I use this with my SFDX org development.