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Content Documents


ERD for Content Documents

When a Content Document is created, a content version record is created.  Each update gets stored as a version and the content document LatestPublishedVersionId is updated. When linking a content document with a record, a ContentDocumentLink is created.  A Content Document can be associated with multiple records in the system.

ContentNotes are only notes which are stored as well in the ContentDocument object.  You can filter ContentNotes using FileType = 'SNOTE' in the ContentDocument object.

"Implementation restriction: ContentDocumentLink requires a filter by a single Id on ContentDocumentId or LinkedEntityId using the equals operator or multiple Id's using the IN operator."

Querying for ContentDocuments Linked to Certain Kinds of Records

SELECT Id, ContentDocumentId, ContentDocument.Title, ContentDocument.Description, ContentDocument.FileExtension, ContentDocument.FileType, ContentDocument.LastViewedDate, ContentDocument.LastReferencedDate, ContentDocument.PublishStatus, ContentDocument.SharingOption, ContentDocument.SharingPrivacy
FROM ContentDocumentLink 
WHERE LinkedEntityId IN (SELECT Id 
						 FROM Opportunity 
                         WHERE Name = 'My Amazing Opportunity')

Query for Count of Linked Entity Object Types

SELECT COUNT(Id), LinkedEntity.Type
FROM ContentDocumentLink
WHERE ContentDocumentId = '0695c000009ycrxAAA'
GROUP BY LinkedEntity.Type

Query for All Linked Entities for a Content Document

SELECT LinkedEntityId, LinkedEntity.Type
FROM ContentDocumentLink
WHERE ContentDocumentId = '0695c000009ycrxAAA'