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License Management

Who has what Salesforce License?

SELECT Id, Name, UserName, Profile.Name, Profile.UserLicense.MasterLabel
WHERE IsActive = true

How Many Licenses do I have?

SELECT MasterLabel,MonthlyLoginsEntitlement,MonthlyLoginsUsed,Name,Status,TotalLicenses,UsedLicenses,UsedLicensesLastUpdated 
FROM UserLicense

How Many Managed Package Licenses do I have?

SELECT NamespacePrefix,Status,UsedLicenses,AllowedLicenses,ExpirationDate 
FROM PackageLicense
Who has what Managed Package License?
SELECT UserId, PackageLicense.NamespacePrefix, CreatedBy.Name,CreatedDate 
FROM UserPackageLicense

You must download this information and then do excel VLOOKUP or INDEX(MATCHES()) formula to join the data in excel.

How many Permission Set Licenses do I have?

SELECT MasterLabel, DeveloperName, ExpirationDate,Status,TotalLicenses,UsedLicenses 
FROM PermissionSetLicense

Who has what Permission Set License?

SELECT Id, Assignee.Name, Assignee.UserName, PermissionSetLicense.MasterLabel
FROM PermissionSetLicenseAssign
WHERE Assignee.IsActive = true