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Guide to Passing Sharing and Visibility Architect.

How to prepare for and get your Sharing and Visibility Designer certification!

Useful Queries

A book of queries for things that you want to know in SFDC.

Common Flow Problems

A binder or common flow problems and how to work around them

Web to Any Object

Like the native Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case functionality that exists, solutions to provide a Web-to-Object functionality.

embedded service
embedded service
flow screen
flow screen

Field Service Mobile App

Field Service Implementation

Architect Certifications


Architect certifications are advanced Salesforce certifications that delve deep into specific parts of the Salesforce ecosystem. The Architect tree certifications vary in required depth of understanding, and certifications may have different prerequisites from...

Data Extension creation tool

MC Cool Links & Stuff

2 - Data Migration Step-by-step - Before Loading

Best Practices Data Migration Best Practices

Introduction You're going to have to map data from various sources into Salesforce. IT'S THAT BIG MIGRATION TIME. Well let's make sure you don't have to do it again in two days because data is missing, or delete production data. Salesforce does not back up ...

3 - Data Migration Step-by-step - Loading

Best Practices Data Migration Best Practices

FIRST STEPS Login to Prod. Is there a weekly backup running, encoded as UTF-8, in Setup > Data Export NopeSelect encoding UTF-8 and click "Export Now". This will take hours.Turn that weekly stuff on.Make sure the client KNOWS it's on.Make sure they have...

Salesforce 2 Salesforce (is horrible)

Salesforce Quirks

To summarize real quick: Salesforce to Salesforce, or SF2SF, SF 2 SF, or whatever you want to call it, is a pile of flaming garbage that should have been nuked ages ago. It: uses a shit ton of API requests because it syncs one record at a time can't be au...

Pre-Project Phase

Managing a Salesforce Project

Roadmap Define a Roadmap (Integration 1, 2 etc) and keep the different steps digestible in small iterations. Make sure to set clear expectations for these iterations. Here, it is advisable to focus on Content rather on Timeline. Separation of concerns Clea...

Project Phase

Managing a Salesforce Project

Internal Meetings Meetings that should be held: weekly sync-up daily standup (30 seconds per person max) Pre-sprint and post-sprint meetings Account Management meetings in addition (see Sales) Client Meetings - Set regular (weekly) meetings with the clie...


Managing a Salesforce Project

Lessons LearnedMake sure to follow the Project Review Process Make sure we are learning in our process with With Milestones and Project Review activities. What were the learnings on both sides. Weekly iterations for feedback, change request, and for sign off ...


Managing a Salesforce Project

Documentation List The following Documents should be part of most, if not every, project: Responsibility Assignment Matrix Solution Design Integrations Specifications, Development Specifications, Data Dictionary, User Stories spreadsheet, Change Reques...

Project Reviews

Managing a Salesforce Project

< Linked files on the top left of this articleA Project Review is a process in which you will try to uncover how your project went from start to finish. It is not: A focus on elements that did not work, A quest to establish blame, A simple meeting, A h...

Cool Links

Cool Links & Stuff

Name Link David Liu's training course Alex Edelstein's Unofficial SF, rich in Flow goodness (edited) Open Force, the other opensource SF repo  ...

Administrator - ADM201


Windyo's Chrome Extension List for Admins & Consultants

SFDC Tools

Better Salesforce formula editor Adds another tab in the standard Formula places where you have better inlline editing and highlighting etc This extension now requires payment, and honestly isn't super stable always.We recommend using to ...

Multipicklists and when to use them

Salesforce Quirks

Text from image: sorryif I don't get pinged I tend to go off do something elseshort version is multipicklists suckthey suck hard enough to use them to clean my flat when my hoover's on the fritz.longer version is that a multipicklist in SF is literally just...

The Ultimate Guide to report Types

The Admin's Training Resources Reports and Dashboards

Understanding how to create data sets in Salesforce is key to creating accurate reports. The data you and your users want to report on is not always stored in records from a single object. Many times you will need to join data together from various objects to ...

The Reports & Dashboards starting resources

The Admin's Training Resources Reports and Dashboards

Name Link Description Salesforce Reporting Workbook Click here This workbook is deprecated and has been for some time. However, if you have no experience at all with reports and dashboards, it shows you the general outline of what is possible and ...

The Discord Tablet

Great Moments in SFXD History

Minor things that make life better

The Admin's Training Resources

Record Ids and Home page:

Excel that convert SF datetimes to Excel format and vice versa

Tech tools

Public Function ConvertSFDateTime(cel As Range) As Variant Dim strSFDateTime As String, strSFDatePortion As String, strSFTimePortion As String, strCel As String Dim sglCharT As Single, sglCharZ As Single, sglTimeLen As Single Application.Calculation =...


Tech tools A powershell script to help Salesforce admins and consultant to save time and do data load operations without having to rely on Excel. Current list of stuff the script can do: transcode a file from one encoding or separator to...

@tsalb's "getting started with VSCODE" list

Tech tools

1) To get started on VSCode + SFDX CLI: Focus on the "Org Development" model, which you can target production/sandboxes to pull metadata. You would need to create a "SF...