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Job Postings & Requests

If you are submitting a #job-offers please use the following template for easier parsing:
    [Status]        Open
    [Duration]      X months
    [Location]      Remote
    [Compensation]  1B€
    [Description]   Know Salesforce. Advise the VP on how to Salesforce Effectively. Study Recursion to Saleforce while you Salesforce. Do that recursively to Salesforce Salesforce Salesforce.
Use ```ini yourtext ``` for the highlighting if you want the same look as above.
If you're looking for a job you may want to use this format instead. Please note that using one or the other is mandatory to have your post on #job-offers maintained - otherwise it will be deleted.
    [Status]        Looking
    [Type]          Client-Side Work
    [Location]      New York
    [Compensation]  1B€
    [Description]   I'm Marc Benioff and I want to work at an end-client. References available, please PM me.