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Useful Regex

Tech tools

Profile Permissions Use this regex to massively replace profile permissions in your editor.Note that for the .profile to contain the field permissions, you will have to query both at the same time. This is because the metadata API only gives permissions tied ...

Date Litterals

The Admin's Training Resources Reports and Dashboards

When creating a report or a list view, you sometimes need to filter based on a dynamic value. Say you want the records of last week for example. In a report, you could do that with the global filter on top of the reporting engine. But say you want Opportunitie...

Official Salesforce Customer For Life Scoping Questionnaire

Cool Links & Stuff

Attached to the article is the old (but still valuable) CFL scoping questionnaire. (Attachments are top left of the article) The purpose of the document is to capture the Customer’s high-level business overview and intended usage of so that Par...

The official Salesforce Sandbox Preview Checker

Cool Links & Stuff Are you taking advantage of the Sandbox Preview window to test, catch, and report bugs before they bite? Enter your Sandbox instance below to determine what needs to be done, based on what instance your sandbox org is ...

The TrailheadDX 2019 meetup

Great Moments in SFXD History


Auditing a Salesforce Org

Managing a Salesforce Project

Functional Audit One workshop mid-audit to discuss their processOne workshop after the audit to discuss findings, step forwards General stuff to check Administrator presence - Number of admins, experience, etc. (

The Salesforce Lightning Object Creator (is broken to hell)

Cool Links & Stuff

Lightning Object Creator is completely broken and currently just can't be used.

SF Exchange Discord Short Bus

Great Moments in SFXD History

Getting the right (number of) Admins

Best Practices

Salesforce Success ServicesAchieve Outstanding CRM Administration Because Salesforce takes care of many traditional administration tasks, system administration is easier than ever before. Setting up, customizing the application, training users, and “turning o...

Salesforce Optimizer

Cool Links & Stuff

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, but as veteran admins know, maintaining a suite of features across your org can be cumbersome. Salesforce Optimizer takes the guesswork out of how to best maintain features so that they can be enhanced to help your us...


Salesforce Quirks

Alright so PersonAccounts.We've had issues with PersonAccounts at previous implementations. Some consultants lobbied to bring them back for B2C customers, feeling they deserved another chance.That was a mistake. PersonAccounts are an ass, and we won't be worki...

Why Discord ?

Other Meta SFXD Stuff

I can give some insight here. In short I chose Discord at the time because it was a more "community-focused" platform and easier to set up for web-based communities. In particular, what led me to Discord was: - the invite links, easily shareable Slack was st...


Salesforce Releases

WINTER 18 RELEASE NOTES THE ABRIDGED VERSION- NOW WITH MORE JOKES AND SARCASM CRITICAL STUFF SALESFORCE DX IS NOW GA OMGWTFBBQ The Salesforce CLI Also wooooo LEX changes how it looks. More data per square centimeter, less whitespace, ...

Spring '18 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE SPRING 18 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDFeaturing Jokes, Sarcasm, and actual cool features GDPR THINGS Salesforce now has a dedicated help page for compliance (

Summer '18 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents: THE SUMMER 18 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGED Featuring Jokes, Sarcasm, and actual cool features CRITICAL STUFF THEY ADDED A CASE/SWITCH STATEMENT TO APEX. All developers in the world cry in joy. Angels rain down from t...

Winter '19 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE WINTER 19 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDMay contain nuts CRITICAL STUFF Salesforce For Outlook is slowly being retired and no future patches are planned. All admins should schedule a migration to Out...

Spring '19 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE SPRING 19 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDAs Exciting as the new Samsung WV9900 release CRITICAL STUFF LEX will be enabled for all orgs starting Winter20. If you follow best practices (you’re not using...

Summer '19 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE SUMMER 19 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDWe don’t use cookies to track you, but we like chocolate ones As said last time, we stopped separating LEX into a different section. CRITICAL STUFF Quick remin...

Winter '20 Abridged

Salesforce Releases

The Salesforce Discord Collective Presents:THE WINTER 20 RELEASE NOTES - ABRIDGEDCan we speak about the fact that “winter” releases come out when it’s still 35°C like seriously the logo has palm trees Welcome to the hospice Original Territory Management I...

ARCHIVED - Process Builder Bypass

Best Practices ARCHIVED - Process Builder Conventions

Process Builder is old, decrepit, and deprecated.You can't create new ones, and if you're editing old ones you should be migrating to Flows instead.This is ARCHIVED content, will never be updated, and is here for history reasons. Normally we put bypasses in e...